Dog Bite Accident Victim Injured on the 100 block of Laurens St

7-Year-Old Boy Recovering from Dog Attack in West Baltimore 

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A Child Is Attacked In a Dog Bite Accident Resulting in Severe Injuries

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An afternoon spent with friends turned into a frightening experience for a 7-year-old boy in West Baltimore. According to authorities, the boy was attacked by a dog while visiting a friend’s home on Laurens Street. The dog had escaped from its kennel and attacked the young boy, leaving him with bite wounds that required medical attention.

Reports say that the young boy was bit by the dog after he allegedly began taunting the animal. As per authorities, the boy was bitten on his legs and arms, causing him considerable harm. Thankfully, the boy was able to receive medical attention quickly and is now on the path to recovery.

Animal Control officers were called to the scene to remove the dog from the home before it could cause further harm. The officers were able to swiftly and safely take the animal to BARCS for evaluation. This serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership to prevent such incidents from occurring. While we’re still awaiting confirmation on the breed of the dog, it goes without saying that this is an unfortunate and tragic situation that could have been prevented. We hope that the young boy makes a full recovery as soon as possible.

What Should I Do If I’m Bitten by a Dog in Maryland?

As long as you didn’t provoke the dog, trespass, or attempt to commit a crime, you’ll likely have a case against the dog’s owner if you’re injured, but you need to discuss your situation with an attorney that specializes in dog bite cases. Your ability to receive compensation will depend on your unique case, so you need seasoned dog bite lawyers to assist you. 

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