Pedestrian Accident Victim Injured on Regester Ave near Kenleigh

10-year-old Baltimore County student struck by car in Towson

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A Car Strikes a 10 Year Old Boy In A Pedestrian Accident Resulting in Multiple Injuries

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The Baltimore County police are stepping up patrols in the neighborhood where a startling incident occurred. A young 10 year old boy was struck by a vehicle Wednesday afternoon, and while thankfully his injuries are not life-threatening, it is enough to justifiably cause concern.

The unfortunate news of the Stoneleigh Elementary School student being struck has left many in shock. The incident occurred on Regester Avenue near Kenleigh Road, not far from the campus, making it a common route for many students. The driver involved remained at the scene, with the police crash team still investigating. The Baltimore County police were increased in the area to catch speeding drivers. 

This incident on Regester Avenue has once again raised safety concerns from residents, as it marks the third time in just five years that such an event has occurred on that same road block. Dan Somerville, a local resident, has already nicknamed it “Regester freeway” due to the unnerving frequency of incidents. Even those who walk their dogs in the area, like Somerville, are frightened by the dangers that lurk in the streets. Concerned about the safety of students, Stoneleigh’s principal sent a letter to parents reminding them about important pedestrian safety tips that need to be reinforced. Despite this, some residents are also requesting the police to install speed bumps for added safety measures. As the community continues to voice their safety concerns, it is clear that ensuring safety on the roads should be taken very seriously.

It’s also a sobering reminder that we must all remain vigilant and cautious when navigating our roads and neighborhoods. Our thoughts are with the young boy and his family, and we hope for a speedy recovery.

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