Dog Bite Accident Victim Injured at 6600 Edenvale Road

Mail Carrier Suffers Dog Bite in Baltimore City Neighborhood Resulting in Injury

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Mail Carrier Suffers Dog Bite in Baltimore City Neighborhood Resulting in Injury

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Residents in a Baltimore City neighborhood are feeling frustrated as they haven’t received mail for over a month. The delay is due to an alleged dog bite that occurred on Edenvale Road, where a mail carrier was reportedly attacked. Despite being informed that the situation would be resolved within 30 days, some neighbors have claimed that they have not received mail for longer than that. Alex Zaslov, whose dog Archie was accused of biting the mail carrier, believes that the incident has been blown out of proportion. Animal services were deployed on Wednesday to confirm that Archie had all of his necessary shots.  Zaslov believes that the situation has been blown out of proportion. He attests that his dog is well behaved and gentle, and that the dog probably ran into the mail carrier by accident during a barking fit.

While the mail carrier had teeth marks on one side, Zachary Lewin notes that typically when dogs bite it’s on both sides. Nevertheless, the incident has left the mail carrier too afraid to continue delivering mail to the area.  While some homeowners understand the need for the mail representative to feel safe, others are unhappy with the inconvenience of having to go down to the post office every day. “Sometimes they close early due to staffing issues. There will be a sign on the door saying, ‘Sorry, we closed at 1:30 today,'” complains Suri Cohen.

It seems the cause for all of this unease is due to one neighbor’s dog, Archie. Archie is contained to the property by an invisible fence, yet the incident has left the mail carrier too anxious to deliver mail. It’s understandable to feel bad when one’s actions have caused harm, but it’s time for the postal service to step up and deliver on their promises. For Lefkowitz and others, mail delivery is no luxury but a necessity. It’s time for the postal service to show they are listening and take action on behalf of their community.

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