Car Accident Victim Killed at I-95 south near exit 43B in Elkridge

Mazda Collides with a Porsche Cayenne in Elkridge Resulting in Death

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Mazda Collides with a Porsche Cayenne in Elkridge Resulting in Death

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A fatal car crash early Tuesday morning left I-95 in Howard County backed up for hours, according to Maryland State Police. The crash, which involved multiple cars, happened around 1:30 a.m. at I-95 south prior to exit 43B in Elkridge, according to the Maryland CHART map. Troopers said a 2016 Porsche Cayenne rear-ended a 2008 Mazda, which caused both cars to lose control. The passenger of the Mazda, identified as 50-year-old Alcira Garcia De Dubon, from Baltimore, was ejected from the car and died at the scene.

Officers said the driver of the Porsche attempted to walk across I-95 and was struck by another car. He was taken to the hospital. All lanes were still closed around 6:20 a.m., but two had opened by 6:50 a.m., and all lanes were open by 7:50 a.m., according to the Maryland State Highway administration. As of 6:50 a.m., two left traffic lanes are closed, according to MDOT. 

What Should You Do After a Wreck in Baltimore?

If you experience a vehicular accident, it’s critical that you take immediate steps to ensure your short-term and long-term wellbeing. The first step you need to take is to move to a safe area after a crash if you’re able. You should then assess the degree to which you were injured and call 911 if necessary. If you experienced injuries that require medical assistance, make sure to accept medical treatment while at the scene of the crash.

While you remain at the scene of the crash, it’s critical that you avoid discussing fault, admitting liability, or giving a statement to your insurance company before calling a Maryland car accident attorney. Expert traffic accident attorneys can help you through the process of the legal and insurance ramifications of your case, and they can assist you in protecting the value of your claim. Call us today – 410-753-4611.

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