Dog Bite Victim Injured near North Market St and West 12th St

Dog Bite Accident in Fredrick County Results in Injury for Local Teen

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Dog Bite Accident in Fredrick County Results in Injury for Local Teen

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Residents of Frederick County are urged to exercise caution after a teen was reportedly bitten by an unknown dog while walking to school. According to county officials, the unfortunate incident occurred near North Market Street and West 12th Street sometime between 7 and 8 a.m. on Friday. Reports suggest the victim was walking past a woman with two leashed dogs when one of them suddenly lunged at them and bit them. The attacker is rumored to be a medium-sized American bully-type dog with white and brown fur, wearing a grey collar. The second animal is identified as being black in color but its breed remains unknown; its owner is said to be a middle-aged white woman. Residents should remain alert for any more such cases and contact police if they observe anything suspicious in their area.

Finding the owner of the dog that bit a Frederick County resident is essential in order to determine if the animal is healthy and determine a plan for quarantine, which may be done at the owner’s home. If officials are able to do this in timely fashion, it will enable the victim to avoid potentially expensive post-exposure rabies vaccinations and ensure that their health is not compromised. In an effort to find the right person ASAP and prevent further occurrences, anyone with pertinent information should contact Frederick County Animal Control at (301) 600-1544. 

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