Pedestrian Killed near Fields Road Elementary on School Drive

Pedestrian Struck by a Blue Prius in Gaithersburg Resulting in Death

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Pedestrian Struck by a Blue Prius in Gaithersburg Resulting in Death

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On Tuesday morning in Gaithersburg, Maryland, 70-year-old Ana Ortiz and her 65-year-old husband Miguel Ortiz were tragically killed as they crossed a street near Fields Road Elementary School. The couple had been eager to cast their votes for the midterm election, making their way toward the polling place at the school when a blue Prius struck them as they used the crosswalk. Unexpectedly, their lives were taken too soon – they had four children and nine grandchildren who are now experiencing immense pain and sorrow. Steven Oritz spoke to News4 of his parents, expressing how “they didn’t deserve this”. 

A tragic accident occurred outside of Congressman David Trone’s voting center. A blue Prius collided with another vehicle and witnesses reported hearing a female screaming in agony. Nicole Ukiteyedy, who was nearby preparing handouts for the congressman, rushed to the scene where she saw the other woman attempting CPR. The driver of the car remained at the scene and police officers were seen giving him a field sobriety test as well as putting him into a police car confirming their suspicion to review alcohol impairment as an endangering factor of the crash. Remnants of the incident included several shoes and a purse scattered on the road near the shattered window. This horrifying event has left an impactful memory in Nicole Ukiteyedy’s mind that will never be forgotten.

Lashawn Rankin, who lives close to the school, has been a witness to the increasing amount of cars zooming up School Drive and unfortunately this incident is only the latest of many. With a blind hill coming up, drivers find it difficult to come to a stop before they reach the crossing walk – which is why Rankin believes precautions have to be taken to prevent something as heart wrenching as this from happening again. In an effort for something to be done about it, residents have made complaints previously and hope that action will be taken soon. The sight of images captured after the collision paints an unforgettable picture; first responders and bystanders surrounding the victims while the driver watched helplessly nearby. 

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