Car Accident: One Person Killed on East McComas Street

Car Accident: One Person Killed on East McComas Street

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A Nissan Sedan Crashed into a Building Resulting in Death

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Investigators are currently delving into a fatal solo-vehicle incident that unfolded in the early hours of Sunday.

Around 4:49 a.m., law enforcement responded to a distress call reporting a collision in the 2000 block of East McComas Street.

Preliminary findings indicate that a black Nissan sedan was traveling at a considerable speed when it veered off course, colliding with the gate to the South Locust Point Marine Terminal, subsequently igniting in flames.

Emergency crews from the Baltimore Fire Department promptly arrived at the scene to offer assistance. Sadly, the driver was pronounced deceased at the site.

For anyone who may have witnessed the events leading up to the crash, we urge you to contact the MDTA Police at 410-633-1130. If you or a loved one have been impacted by such an accident, our legal team stands ready to provide compassionate support and expert guidance.

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After a car accident, your primary focus should be on your health and safety. Call 911 first and foremost, and ensure that they send first responders to treat any injuries you might have. After you are safe and your injuries have been taken care of, you should seek help from an attorney right away. An experienced attorney will help you gather any evidence you need to prove driver negligence and support your claim or lawsuit.

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