Truck Accident Victim Killed in Churchton, Maryland

Francisco Madero of Glen Burnie Pinned Underneath Garbage Truck Dies in Crash

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Francisco Madero of Glen Burnie Pinned Underneath Garbage Truck Dies in Crash

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On Tuesday, Francisco Madero of Glen Burnie was killed when the garbage truck he was working on crashed on top of him. Medero’s family left flowers near the deep ruts beside the road where the truck rolled over in Churchton, Maryland. Marta Galicia says she already misses her brother. “He’s very friendly, very kind person,” said his sister, Marta Galicia. “He always smile. I miss him a lot.” The garbage truck with two workers holding onto the handles on the back was traveling west on narrow Broadwater Road when a wide-body pickup truck approached from the opposite direction. Karen Babich, who was driving west behind the garbage truck, said both trucks slowly moved over to make room for each other when the wheels of the trash truck went off the pavement and into a ditch.

Witnesses say that after the crash, Madero was pinned beneath the garbage truck and died at the scene. According to witnesses, Medero was not able to jump off the truck before it rolled onto its side. The truck was reportedly pulled over just a tiny bit when the accident occurred. “You just could see it in slow motion go over, and the whole thing went over,” she said. “It didn’t jackknife; it just went over on its side.” Medero was pronounced dead at the scene.

People who live off Broadwater Road say the street is dangerous with barely enough room for cars to pass each other, let alone larger vehicles like buses and garbage trucks. “We have to tell all of our friends and family visiting for the first time and even remind them when they leave again to just be careful with that road,” Churchton resident Beth Garcia said. “It’s just extremely dangerous.” 

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