Truck Accident Victim Killed in Prince George's County

Truck Collides with Car in Prince George’s County Resulting in Death

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Truck Collides with Car in Prince George's County Resulting in Death

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Early on a Friday morning tragedy struck in Prince George’s County. The Prince George’s County Police Department received a call at approximately 3:50 a.m. reporting a fatal collision between a tractor-trailer and a car on the 6300 block of Oxon Hill Road. Evan Heyward, a 40-year-old resident of Fort Washington, was behind the wheel of the car involved in the crash and sustained life-threatening injuries. Despite immediate medical attention, Heyward passed away in the aftermath of the crash. Police officers reported that Heyward had been heading eastbound on Oxon Hill Road when the collision occurred with the tractor-trailer traveling from a nearby shopping center. The tractor-trailer driver remained on-scene unharmed. 

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