Pedestrian Accident: Young Girl Injured on West Arden Road

Pedestrian Accident: Young Girl Injured on West Arden Road

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Volkswagen Tiguan Hits Young Girl Resulting in Critical Injuries

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A young girl, aged four, is currently recuperating in a hospital after a distressing incident where she was hit by a car during the daytime, leaving her with severe, critical injuries. On Monday, the incident occurred when the child unexpectedly darted onto the street in Brooklyn Park and was hit by a 2024 Volkswagen Tiguan, which, according to Anne Arundel County Police, is believed to have been operated by a 17-year-old male from Baltimore. The accident took place just before 4 p.m. in the 300 block of West Arden Road, as reported by the authorities.

The status of the teenage driver regarding any potential arrest remains uncertain. The young girl was urgently transported to Johns Hopkins Hospital, where her injuries were deemed serious the following day. As the investigation unfolded, witnesses played a critical role in assisting law enforcement by providing information that led to the identification of the suspect’s vehicle.

Residents of Anne Arundel County expressed to WJZ that the accident caused major turmoil in the neighborhood. Velen Alisha Barrett, a local, stated that the scene was distressing and disconcerting. Barrett hauntingly recollected the screams she heard, which she graphically described as a mother’s scream of absolute terror. In an evocative detail, the girl’s pink sneaker was found in the street’s center after the crash. Barrett noted the girl’s frequent playtime outside, remarking on her young age.

The community’s efforts to capture images of the vehicle’s license plate were instrumental in advancing the police investigation. Spokesperson for the Anne Arundel County Police, Marc Limansky, reported that the child is now in stable condition at the hospital, following what was initially life-threatening trauma.

Concerns about road safety in the neighborhood, a recurring issue according to the locals, have been brought to light again by this event. David Harrell, a resident, highlighted the ongoing requests for speed bumps, decrying the reckless speeds at which drivers pass through. Despite the tragedy, investigators have cleared the girl’s family of any negligence. 

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