Motorcycle Accident Victim Injured on Ridge Rd near Hawkes Rd

Motorcycle Crash Leaves Rider Stuck Under Dump Truck in Montgomery County 

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A Motorcyclist Gets Stuck Under a Dump Truck In an Accident Resulting in Severe Injuries

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A motorcycle ride turned tragic when a person crashed into a dump truck in Montgomery County Monday afternoon. The terrible accident left the rider stuck under the truck, leading to hospitalization. Reports revealed that the collision took place on Ridge Road, close to Hawkes Road and Cedar Grove Elementary School.

As crews worked to free the victim trapped under the truck at Hawkes Road, the road was shut down and blocked in both directions as emergency responders raced to the scene. It’s unclear how the person became trapped but the sheer force of the collision was apparent in the twisted metal and debris scattered around the area. The crews worked tirelessly to extricate them from the precarious situation. Thankfully, as of 5:17 p.m, the person was successfully rescued and transported to a nearby hospital for care. 

The details of what led up to the crash are still unknown, leaving many to speculate about the circumstances involved. It’s a sobering reminder that even the most experienced riders are not immune to danger on the road and we must always be aware of our surroundings and stay vigilant on the road . As we await more information, let’s keep the victim and their loved ones in our thoughts as we wish for a speedy recovery. 

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