Pedestrian Accident Victim Killed on Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail

Woman struck and Killed While Walking Dog on Popular Baltimore County Trail 

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A Black Pick Up Truck Hits a 69 Year Old Woman in a Pedestrian Accident Resulting in Death

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A leisurely walk on the NCR Trail turned into a tragic incident for a woman and her husband. The couple was walking with their furry companion when they entered a crosswalk and were suddenly hit by a black pickup truck. The impact left the woman seriously injured, prompting nearby witnesses to run over and offer assistance. Thankfully the driver stayed and cooperated with Baltimore County Police.

The safety concerns surrounding the trail are becoming more urgent, as walkers and bicyclists are noticing a problem. This trail is a place for people to enjoy, whether they want to walk, run, or bike. However, it has become a source of frustration as drivers are not respecting the designated speed limit. Annie Finney, a frequent trail runner, noted that people are flying through and not paying attention to those on foot. She believes it’s time for a change. She expresses that either the stop sign issue needs addressing, or people need to pay more attention, especially bicyclists who are moving at a faster pace. It’s crucial for the safety of all users of this trail that action be taken.

Baltimore County Police have confirmed that the victim, 69 year old Julie Klien-Whitmore, has passed away from her injuries at the hospital. The incident, which occurred in a spot where there have been no pedestrian crashes for years, has left investigators scrambling to understand exactly what went wrong. While details are still scarce, it’s clear that Klien-Whitmore’s death is a sobering reminder of how quickly life can change. Our thoughts go out to her loved ones during this difficult time.

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