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$3,250,000 Personal Injury Settlement

Z&S Client claimed to have been sexually assaulted while on the job for her employer.  Z&S attorneys obtained a judgment in the amount of $3,250,000.00 for the client based on an extensive award for punitive damages.

$2,500,000 Car Accident Settlement

Z&S client was hit head on by another vehicle.  As a result of this collision the client sustained significant injuries and needed multiple surgeries.  After filing suit and going through discovery the personal injury attorney at Z&S were able to get our client fair compensation for his serious injuries. The client was awarded $2,500,000.

$1,850,000 Car Accident Settlement

Z&S Client had a flying piece of aluminum struck him in his vehicle.  The client had an original offer of $0 before suit was initiated.  Extensive discovery and qualified experts helped to establish liability and help set up the client for the rest of his life. He received $1,850,000.00 for his injuries.

$697,040.01 Car Accident Judgement

Z&S client was hit in the back by another vehicle.  No police were called and no ambulance came to the scene.  Our client had physical therapy for two months at which time she was discharged from treatment.  Over the following 19 months the client received no medical treatment.  Eventually the client started receiving additional medical treatment that included injections.  The top offer on the case from State Farm was $13,400.  After a two day jury trial the jury provided a verdict of $697,040.01.

$500,000 Dog Bite Settlement

Z&S Client’s ear was bitten off by a dog owned by the client’s sister. Z & S Client ultimately obtained maximum policy limits in the amount of $500,000.00 for his injuries.

$475,000 Group Home Abuse Settlement

A Z & S Client was abused at a group home by one of the staff workers on site.  Client and her family ultimately obtained $475,000.00 for the injuries done to the client.  Z & S further assisted in securing alternative living arrangements for the client closer to her family.

$450,000 Group Home Abuse Settlement

A Z & S Client was abused in a group home.  This young man had neither physical nor emotional trauma that was associated with the abuse by any expert.  Nevertheless, Z & S attorneys obtained $450,000.00 for the client.

$375,000 Car Accident Settlement

Husband and Wife, clients of Z & S. Law were in a rear-end automobile accident.  Liability was accepted but insurance decided that the value of the case was $5,000 per Plaintiff for a total of $10,000.  Following extensive litigation, husband and wife received a total of $375,000.00.

$375,000 Car Accident Settlement

A Z&S client received physical therapy a couple weeks after their crash and then a couple of months later started having severe migraines.  Eventually the client had to see a neurologist who stated that the cause of the migraines was from the crash.  

$350,000 Personal Injury Settlement

A Z&S client was in the shower and the ceiling fell on his head causing him to fall and hit his head on the bath tub.  The client had less then $3,000 in medical treatment.  Case settled for $350,000.  Client was a former NFL player who never played on an active roster and at the time of this incident he was trying to play for the CFL. 

$325,000 Car Accident Settlement. 

A Z&S client had four prior hernia surgeries before their car accident.  After their accident they needed another surgery on a prior hernia tear and another hernia surgery 1.5 years later.  This client also had a neck and a back surgery.  They were already on disability for their back and didn’t mention back pain for five months after this crash.  Neck surgery was done 2 years after the crash.  Offer of 70k before filing suit.  We were told that policy limits were $250k before filing suit.  We found an additional umbrella policy in litigation. 

$300,000 Car Accident Settlement

Client was in 3 car accidents in 2 years. Another attorney gave up on his case because of all of the issues in there being so many crashes close in time. The client hired our office and we filed suit and we were able to secure policy limits of $300,000.

$300,000 Dog Bite Settlement

A young girl was babysitting for a family in Southern Maryland when she was attacked by the family’s dog.  The client obtained $300,000.00 for her injuries present and future.

$300,000 Personal Injury Settlement

After 3 prior attorneys dropped her case, Z & S Client overcame multiple legal challenges to her case to obtain $300,000.00.  Client, an infant, was dropped by the client’s relative in what first looked like an accident without negligence.  The award ultimately obtained was the maximum under the homeowner’s policy.

$260,000 Dog Bite Settlement

A young girl playing at a neighbor’s house was bitten by the neighbor’s supposed friendly dog.  After years of litigation, the young child obtained $260,000.00 for her injuries, scarring, and emotional trauma.

$200,000 Car Accident Settlement

Z & S Client was a pedestrian walking on a sidewalk in her neighborhood when her neighbor accidentally backed into her moving out of the driveway.  Insurance initially denied liability in the matter claiming contributory negligence.  The client obtained $200,000.00 for her injuries.

$200,000 Dog Bite Settlement

Z & S. Client was riding his bicycle when he was attacked by two dogs. Neither dog had a recorded history of bites but both were running at large. Client obtained $200,000.00 for his injuries.

$167,000 Car Accident Settlement

Z & S Client was in a minor fender bender accident with extremely low property damage.  Unfortunately, the client had a significant prior injury which was exacerbated by the minor accident.  Client received $167,000.00 for her injuries after an initial offer of $5,000.

$150,000 Dog Bite Settlement

Z & S Client was a young child attacked by a vicious pit bull.  Unfortunately the dog owner had no homeowners or renters insurance and the landlord denied any knowledge of the dog.  Several attorneys had taken on the case but had dropped the client when liability was denied.  Lawyers at Z & S Law took on the case despite the challenging liability dispute and obtained $150,000.00 for the client against the landlord of the property.

$120,000 Slip and Fall Settlement

A slip and fall case outside of a local restaurant resulted in damage to a Z & S Client’s ankle.  Liability was denied by insurance as the insured denied any knowledge of the defect in the cement.  With hard work and commitment, Z & S lawyers uncovered evidence that there was prior knowledge of the defect despite the denials.  Client obtained $120,000.00 for her injuries.

$105,944.87 Car Accident Settlement

Client was hit by a motorist without adequate insurance coverage. Our client was insured with State Farm and had an underinsured motorist policy. State Farm refused to pay for any of her bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. No offer was ever made to the client. The policy limits were $100,000. After a two-day jury trial, the client was awarded $105,944.87.

$105,000 Slip and Fall Settlement

Z & S Client slipped on a raised portion of a sidewalk while walking to pick up some food in Baltimore City.  After extensive discovery that helped uncover important evidence, the client obtained $105,000.00 for her injuries.

$103,000 Dog Bite Settlement

Z & S Client was a mail carrier who was bitten by a dog, an unfortunately typical experience.  The client had a small wound on his arm and was offered $15,000 for a settlement.  After filing suit, the client ultimately obtained $103,000.00 for his injury.

$100,000 Car Accident Settlement

Our client was in a very minor accident. There was no property damage to his vehicle or to the vehicle that struck him in the rear. After the collision, both parties saw no damage to their vehicles and decided to drive away from the scene. The police were never called. Within a couple of days our client was having a lot of pain in his shoulder. After seeing several doctors it was determined that he needed a shoulder surgery. After receiving the surgery the insurance company decided that because there was no property damage they would make a final offer of just over $8,000. Our office filed a lawsuit in this matter. The insurance company continued to maintain their same offer until approximately 6 weeks before trial we were able to get the full policy limits from the insurance company in the amount of $100,000. The client was thrilled with this great outcome.

$100,000 Car Accident Settlement

Z & S Client was in a minor automobile accident with minimal damage to either vehicle.  The case was a ‘word vs. word’ accident with both sides blaming the other.  Initial response was a denial of liability and no offer.  Client eventually obtained the maximum $100,000.00 policy limits.

$90,000 Car Accident Settlement

Z & S Client was in an automobile accident where the police report placed our client as the ‘at-fault driver.’  After suit was initiated, Z & S showed that the police report was in error, and obtained an amount of $90,000.00 for the client.

$87,500 Dog Bite Settlement

Z & S Client was bitten by a dog owned by the girlfriend of the homeowner.  Insurance denied coverage.  Client originally had a prior attorney who had recommended taking a ‘nuisance settlement’ amount of $5,000.  Client had dropped prior counsel and hired Z & S Law.  Ultimately, the client obtained $87,500.00 for the case.

$75,000 Car Accident Settlement

Z & S Client was originally charged with negligent driving which resulted in an automobile accident.  Z & S attorneys represented client in the negligent driving case and client was found not guilty.  Z & S next filed a civil claim believing that the original report was false and the client was not the at-fault driver.  Client ultimately obtained $75,000.00 in the case.

$70,000 Slip and Fall Settlement

Z & S. Client slipped and fell at a restaurant in Baltimore County.  Insurance denied coverage claiming the restaurant owner was completely unaware of the dangerous spill and actually blaming the victim.  Ultimately, Z & S Law attorneys overcame the defenses through discovery and obtained $70,000.00 for the client.

$325,000 Truck Accident Settlement

Our client made a legal U-turn after ensuring all oncoming traffic had passed. While making the U-turn, a delivery truck, positioned at a red light, made a right turn on red and collided with our client, pushing her car. There was minimal damage to our client’s vehicle and none to the delivery truck. Two initial mistakes were made after the accident. Our client opted not to involve the police and didn’t seek immediate medical attention. However, as is with many injuries, symptoms were a bit delayed and our client did incur a shoulder injury, leading to eventual surgery.

Initially, the opposing party asserted our client’s fault for the U-turn and refrained from making an offer. However, before reaching trial, they eventually extended an offer of $325,000.

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Hi, my name is Bobby Zirkin of Zirkin and Schmerling Law. And what sets us apart from other law firms? I think first and foremost is that we are a local firm, right, most of us were born and raised in Maryland. We work all throughout the state. We raise our families here in Maryland as well. And I think it’s important to have a local firm when you’re dealing in our court system. We also, obviously, we work very hard for our clients. We treat all of our clients like they’re our family, whether your case is big or your case is small, we give equal attention to it. And we work exceptionally hard to get the best results for our clients.

We have a lot of diversity of experience in the firm. We have lawyers that are working in criminal law and family law, personal injury workers’ compensation, and in the government relations world as well. For a client that comes in, they often have more than one thing going on and so we really have a full service of things that we do for our clients that bridge from one area of law to the next, we work collaboratively together as attorneys to make sure that we get the best results for all of our clients.