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Legal Guardianship An Important Step in the Lives of the Child, the Parents and the Guardian

You’ve probably heard the term “legal guardian.” Do you know exactly what it means? A legal guardian is a non-parent adult who temporarily takes responsibility for a child, even if the child’s parents still retain their parental rights. A legal guardian addresses the child’s basic needs, including food, clothing and shelter. They also support the child’s […]

Steeper Penalties for Drunk or Drugged Driving Should Deter Accidents And Injuries

The frequency of drunk and drugged driving accidents hasn’t dropped much in Maryland so far, even though the penalties for causing these accidents are more severe, after House Bill 707 (HB707) went into effect October 1, 2019. According to a 2018 Maryland Highway Safety Plan study, drunk driving accounts for about one in three fatal […]

Top Reasons Couples Divorce in Baltimore

Most people are aware of the common reasons for divorce. What about cyber-cheating? Although 90% of Americans will get married at least once before age 50, about 45% of marriages end in divorce. Second and third marriages have even higher breakup rates, with about 67% to 80% eventually leading to divorce. What causes so many […]