Pedestrians Injured at Liberty Heights and Oakfield Avenue

Pedestrians Struck By A Ford Focus in Northwest Baltimore Results In Injury

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Pedestrians Struck By A Ford Focus in Northwest Baltimore Results In Injury

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Baltimore detectives are on the case after a shocking collision left two siblings critically injured. The accident happened in northwest Baltimore at the intersection of Liberty Heights and Oakfield Avenue, leaving a 9-year-old girl and her 22-year-old brother in the hospital. Witnesses like Evon Lindsay and Erica Morris were shaken by the devastating aftermath of the incident. While they normally stayed indoors due to the area’s danger, they were outside this time and were suddenly overcome by the crash’s sounds and its consequential screams. Lindsay spoke on the siblings’ behalf, saying that every morning she saw them walking to school. 

A devastating accident occurred on Monday morning as a school bus collided with a Ford Focus at an intersection. Unfortunately, the impact caused the Ford to jump the curb and hit a young brother and sister who were walking to school. The older brother tried to respond to first responders, but his younger sister was in terrible shape and needed immediate resuscitation efforts. The accident happened in an area known for its dangerous intersection, leaving some of the residents frustrated and fearful. They have been requesting a traffic light or signal for a long time to alleviate the recurring traffic incidents. As the neighborhood comes together to pray for the siblings and wait for updates on their condition, they hope that their requests will finally be heard and acted upon to prevent future tragedies.

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