Car Accident Victim Injured on Route 40 in Carroll County

Kia Forte Collides with Carroll County School Bus Resulting in Injuries

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Kia Forte Collides with Carroll County School Bus Resulting in Injuries

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This afternoon, there was an unfortunate crash involving a Carroll County school bus near the Winters Mill High School. Bus 324, with four students and a bus aide onboard, had just been passed by the traffic signal on Route 140 when it was struck by a Kia Forte that disregarded the red light crossing their path. Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported among those involved but one student who failed to reach their parent or guardian was taken to a hospital for examination.

The incident happened close to 2:07pm, in front of Wawa at the intersection of Route 140 and Old Baltimore Road where medical personnel attended to those harmed in the collision. The driver of the Kia Forte was transferred to another hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. The school system said emergency personnel are reporting to the scene, and parents will be notified.

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