Car Accident Victim Killed on New Hampshire Ave and Glenside Dr

Woman Dead After Car Crashes into Metrobus Stop in Takoma Park 

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A 71 Year Old Woman Was Struck By a Nissan After it Crashes Into a Metrobus Stop Resulting in Death

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Tragedy struck in Takoma Park early Monday morning when a pedestrian was struck and killed by a driver in a catastrophic accident. According to authorities, the driver of a Nissan was traveling down New Hampshire Avenue when they careened off the road and into a Metrobus stop on Glenside Drive, completely obliterating it. Astonishingly, the vehicle then continued on its path before finally coming to a stop in the nearby woods. 

When the police arrived, they saw an injured woman and found out that she was already deceased. It is a heartbreaking and shocking situation for everyone involved. The woman, now identified as Christina Thomas, was 71 years old and did not have a known address. It is unclear at this stage if she was waiting at the bus stop or somewhere else when she was struck.

The police department is conducting an active investigation into the incident to uncover what exactly happened and bring clarity to Christina’s family and loved ones. This painful event is a reminder that we must always take extra care when driving and walking on our roads to avoid similar tragedies.

The residents of Takoma Park mourn the loss of a life and hope for swift justice for the victim and her family.

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