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Understanding Maryland Contributory Negligence After a Car Accident

You might be surprised at how harsh Maryland’s laws are when it comes to Maryland contributory negligence after an auto accident. Our state handles legal negligence differently than most other states, leaving car accident victims with questions about what to do next. Maryland’s antiquated auto tort laws can affect your ability to make a claim […]

Top 7 Car Accident Questions

At Zirkin & Schmerling Law, our clients have lots of questions about their car accidents, including how to build a case and how the insurance claims process works. Below, we’ll answer the 7 most common questions we hear and if you need advice about your specific situation, please contact us for a case consultation. 1. […]

Traffic Ticket Stop Goes Horribly Wrong

When the police stop someone for a traffic ticket, it sometimes sets off a series of tragic events that put everyone in danger – the person being stopped, the police officer, and the public. A simple traffic citation becomes a deadly disaster. It starts out as a routine situation. An officer pulls someone over, which […]

Move Over – Maryland Highway Worker Hit By Inattentive Driver During Live Interview

The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) reports one of the most dangerous jobs in Maryland is providing roadside assistance because the risk of injury or death posed by inattentive drivers is so great. Recently, an SHA worker was hit by a motorist on the Capital Beltway’s outer loop while the worker’s own boss, Greg Slater, […]

The Most Dangerous Roads in Maryland and Baltimore’s Harford Road Diet

In May 2019, Baltimore made a controversial change to one of its most accident-prone roads, Harford Road between Echodale Avenue and White Avenue. A busy thoroughfare with four lanes of traffic was cut down to just two, with the others converted to bike lanes and more room for pedestrians and scooters. This slim-down is known […]

Baltimore Worst Drivers in the U.S.?

We read recently that the city of Baltimore is the 200th safest driving city among the most populous cities in America.  At first glance, this may not seem like bad news for Maryland’s largest city and economic hub; perhaps middle of the road among cities, so to speak? Except Baltimore is ranked dead last, so […]

Surprising Stuff About Vehicle Safety That Can Save Lives

You are out driving on the streets of Baltimore with your children in the car. Without warning, you’re struck by another vehicle. If you’re fortunate, it’s just an inconvenience. If you’re not, well, you can imagine the rest. We all want to avoid such a possibly devastating, life-threatening and potentially expensive event like an accident […]

Don’t Become A Statistic on Baltimore Roads

We know the roads in the greater Baltimore area can be dangerous. A look at recent auto accidents on the streets of Baltimore and the surrounding area serves as a good reminder for drivers to stay aware and be cautious, to avoid becoming an accident statistic. Extra Caution Required for Motorcyclists and New Drivers In […]

Fatalities on the Rise For Car Accidents In Maryland

Maryland has experienced a recent rash of deadly auto accidents. Crashes with fatalities leave surviving family members wondering about liability, medical expenses and the future. Zirkin & Schmerling can help determine who is responsible for your loss and file suit for damages. Call 410-753-4611 today.