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Maryland MVA Transportation Road Safety Updates

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) introduced new safety updates and initiatives to mark the new year. If you’re a driver in Maryland, it’s important to be aware of the MVA’s recent announcements, as they aim to reduce the number of crashes and their resulting injuries and deaths.   The MVA launched these initiatives in response […]

The Most Effective Car Safety Features in Vehicles Today

Car accidents are often incredibly serious and traumatic. A seemingly minor mistake behind the wheel can have devastating consequences such as severe or even fatal injuries. While collisions are still a common and unfortunate reality, new car safety features can reduce one’s likelihood of getting into a significant accident.  Through the decades, manufacturers have implemented […]

USPS Releases Dog Bite Rankings During Dog Bite Awareness Week

June 4th to the 10th is National Dog Bite Awareness Week. And this year, the United States Postal Service (USPS) released alarming dog attack statistics, including which cities and states have the most dog bite incidents against postal workers.  These stats serve as a sobering reminder that dogs can pose a serious threat to mail […]

Maryland Child Victims Act 2023  Removes Statute of Limitations

The Maryland General Assembly recently passed into law “The Child Victims Act of 2023” which takes the unprecedented step of allowing time-barred lawsuits for any sex offense against a minor. The new law presents huge opportunities for victims to sue their state and local governments for millions of dollars. Some have estimated that this law […]

7-Year-Old Boy Dies After Being Hit by Car Near School Bus Stop in Bethesda

Bethesda, Maryland police have confirmed that on the morning of April 7th, a 7-year-old boy was struck by a car while waiting for the bus with his father and 18-month-old brother. The boy and his family were waiting on a Montgomery County school bus on the corner of King Charles Way and Grosvenor Lane when […]

High Speed Travel a Factor In Middle River Car Crash Into Home

Speeding and distraction are common causes of accidents that result in property damage and bodily injuries. If your home or other property is damaged, it can be a frustrating and even scary situation, especially if you don’t have the money to cover the cost of repairs. Of course, these material items can be fixed and […]

9-Month-Old Child Flown Out to Hospital After Dog Bite In Hollywood

On January 13th, a child was hospitalized from a severe dog bite. The child was transported by first responders in a helicopter to a trauma center. Fortunately, the one-year-old child’s injuries were not fatal, and they received proper medical attention promptly. The tragic events leading to the child’s hospitalization illuminates a common cause of concern […]

3 People Die After Their Vehicle Crashes Into The Back Of Snowplow In Silver Spring

According to recent news reports, four individuals in an SUV were involved in an accident with a snowplow in Silver Spring, MD, early in January. Three of the victims were killed, and one was seriously injured. While investigations are still underway to determine exactly what happened, initial reports say that the SUV was traveling north […]

Beltway Fire Truck Crash in Montgomery County

On Sunday, January 2nd, the Capital Beltway in Montgomery County was shut down by authorities because of an emergency vehicle accident. A driver crashed into a fire truck that was responding to a minor crash. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the incident, but the accident raises questions regarding how drivers should practice safe […]

Speed Camera Coming Soon to I-95 in Baltimore County

Accidents caused by speeding drivers are prevalent. Approximately 13,000 traffic accidents involve a vehicle driven over the speed limit in Maryland alone. Additionally, 16 percent of traffic injuries and 21 percent of traffic fatalities in Maryland happen because of speeding drivers. To curb motorists traveling at excessive speeds, law enforcement agencies implement speed-monitoring measures to […]