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What Do I Do If an Electric Scooter Hit My Car

Rentable electric scooters have become progressively more common in Maryland. These scooters are a great solution for convenient travel, as they enable riders to avoid congested traffic. Because these compact vehicles are becoming common, accidents involving scooters are steadily on the rise. Scooter riders can cause serious accidents by breaking traffic laws, riding while distracted, […]

At Fault Driver Lied to Insurance: What To Do?

Car accidents are stressful enough–from the damage to your car to potential injuries, and the stress of making a police report, dealing with insurance companies, and trying to ensure that you are properly compensated by the other driver. However, when the at-fault driver lies to their insurance, the truth can be hard to prove and […]

Can You Sue Someone After Insurance Pays in Maryland?

Recovering compensation for injuries and damages after an accident in Maryland can be a big challenge, especially if the at-fault party was uninsured or underinsured. What happens if you receive a settlement from the other driver’s insurance, but it isn’t enough to cover your financial losses, let alone your pain and suffering? Can you sue […]

Broken Blood Vessels in Fingers from a Car Accident

When they think of car accidents, people often think first about head injuries, broken bones, and whiplash. However, there are many other kinds of injuries that you can suffer, including vascular injuries.  Hand injuries are common in car accidents, especially if the driver was gripping the steering wheel tightly or the crash involved steering wheel […]

How Are Soft Tissue Injury Settlement Amounts Determined?

Car accident victims often suffer from soft tissue injuries, which can range from mild to severe. Soft tissue includes the body’s muscles, nerves, tendons, fat, blood vessels, and connective tendons, and all of these soft tissues can be injured in a car accident. The body has various soft tissues that can become injured.  When facing […]

Maryland MVA Transportation Road Safety Updates

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) introduced new safety updates and initiatives to mark the new year. If you’re a driver in Maryland, it’s important to be aware of the MVA’s recent announcements, as they aim to reduce the number of crashes and their resulting injuries and deaths.   The MVA launched these initiatives in response […]

Winter Car Crashes: Who’s at Fault?

Everyone knows the changing of weather from warm to snowy is dangerous for drivers on the road. What you might not realize in winter car crashes is who’s at fault. Does the presence of winter weather absolve drivers of any responsibility for car accidents in the snow? Let’s take a look. Who’s at Fault? On […]

Who Is At Fault in a T Bone Car Accident?

Any car accident is frightening and damaging, but T-bone accidents are among the most dangerous you can be involved in. Determining who is at fault in a T bone accident is crucial, as it dictates who is financially responsible and how much compensation you can receive for injuries. What Is a T-Bone Crash?  A T-bone, […]

Car Crash Checklist: What to Do When You Have a Car Crash

Knowing what to do and not do when you have a car accident is crucial. If you haven’t been in a car accident, study the information below so you’re prepared for the unfortunate situation. If you’ve just been in an accident, follow the steps in this car crash checklist to protect yourself if you need […]

U Turn Accident: Who’s at Fault?

Making a U-turn can be very convenient when you want to drive in the other direction. But this maneuver can be hazardous. And the first thing you want to know if you’ve been in a U-turn accident is who’s at fault.  Determining fault in any accident can be tricky, which is why you should seek […]