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Car Accident Eye Injury Settlement

When thinking about car accident injuries, what comes to mind ranges from the less severe, like bruises and cuts, to more detrimental ones, like broken bones and traumatic brain injuries. Eye injuries may not be initially considered. But symptoms of this type of injury definitely shouldn’t be overlooked as they are common and can be […]

Car Accident Brain Injury: What Should I Do?

A car accident brain injury shakes up your entire life. You could suffer lifelong physical and emotional challenges from the trauma, not to mention the extreme impact on your family and finances. More than 13 million people in the U.S. live with brain injuries and about 17% of these injuries are from motor vehicle accidents. […]

Liability in Driverless Car Accidents

Some of us of a certain age remember when cars driving themselves was a concept reserved for The Jetsons. But the truth is we are living in the future we dreamed of then. Therefore, a car driving without a driver is a very real possibility on the roadway. But accidents don’t just happen because of […]

Here’s How to Maximize Your Uber Accident Settlement

As rideshare services continue to gain in popularity, the accident rates we see involving Uber drivers are also increasing. While it’s scary to think about being in an accident while riding in an Uber or even being another driver who is hit by an Uber driver, there are laws in place to protect you and […]

Rideshare Passenger Rights after an Accident

Rideshare apps continue to be a popular tool in America and even around the world, as they provide anyone with a smartphone easy access to transportation. Uber dominates the market, but Lyft is another popular option.  Ridesharing may be convenient and relatively affordable, but what happens when an Uber or Lyft driver gets into an […]

Drowsy Driving: How Sleep Deprivation Affects Drivers

Have you ever been a sleepy driver? Ever nodded off at the wheel or struggled to keep yourself awake? If so, you’re not alone. Drowsy driving is incredibly common. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) reports that 37 million motorists are estimated to drive drowsy at least once per year.  However, just because a lot of […]

The Most Effective Car Safety Features in Vehicles Today

Car accidents are often incredibly serious and traumatic. A seemingly minor mistake behind the wheel can have devastating consequences such as severe or even fatal injuries. While collisions are still a common and unfortunate reality, new car safety features can reduce one’s likelihood of getting into a significant accident.  Through the decades, manufacturers have implemented […]

Distracted Driving: Texting While Driving Accidents

Distracted Maryland drivers caused over 140,000 accidents in 2022, resulting in over 3,000 injuries and 50 fatalities. Of those, 4,000 are texting while driving accidents, but distracted driving accidents can be prevented.  What Is Distracted Driving? Maryland defines distracted driving as “any activity that diverts a driver’s attention away from the primary task of driving” […]

Self Driving Car Accident: Can I Sue?

Automobile makers are racing to grab the largest share of the self driving car market, which means an increasing number of these vehicles are on the road. This new technology is exciting, but because self driving cars are still being fine-tuned, these cars have an increased risk of causing accidents.  The dangers of driverless cars […]

Broken Hand Car Accident Settlement

Can you include a broken hand in your car accident claim? Absolutely. Car accident settlements should cover all of the damages you have experienced because of the accident, including both hand and wrist injuries.  Your car accident attorney can help you document all of your injuries, expenses, and losses. Hand injuries can cause long-lasting consequences, […]