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Seabrook Personal Injury Lawyer

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We get results. Take a look at some of our positive outcomes for clients:

  • $3,250,000 – Workplace sexual assault case
  • $2,500,000 – Head on car crash
  • $1,850,000 – Driver hit by flying aluminum on the road
  • $697,040 – Driver had long-lasting injuries after a rear-end accident
  • $500,000 – Victim’s ear bitten off by a dog
  • $475,000 – Group home abuse case
  • $350,000 – Victim injured when the bathroom ceiling caved in
  • $300,000 – Homeowner’s insurance claim over an infant being dropped
  • $120,000 – Ankle injury after a slip and fall in a restaurant

Our team of legal experts at Zirkin & Schmerling have years of experience handling many different types of cases in and around the Fort Washington area. Some of these include car accidents, dog attacks, and medical malpractice. If you are in need of assistance with any of the cases below, please get in touch with someone from our team for a free consultation. We are available 24/7. 

Which Types of Seabrook, Maryland Cases Do You Handle?

At Zirkin & Schmerling, our team has years of combined experience handling a variety of different types of cases in and around the Seabrook, Maryland area. If you need assistance with a claim, please contact us for a free consultation—we are available 24/7. 

Some of the cases we handle include: 

Seabrook Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog attacks can be traumatic and leave victims with severe injuries and scarring. If you or a loved one were attacked and bitten by a dog, our team can help. We will ensure the dog owner or other responsible party is held accountable. We can even help you navigate your claim to ensure you get fair compensation to cover medical expenses and other damages. 

Seabrook Personal Injury Attorney

When you are injured due to someone else’s negligence in Maryland, you have a right to file a claim. You may be entitled to compensation, and our team of legal experts can assist you. Contact one of our Seabrook lawyers today. We’ll help you handle the complex legal matters so you can focus on getting the medical attention you need. 

Car Accident Lawyer in Seabrook

Have you or a loved one been in a car accident? Do you have serious injuries, and are you struggling to pay your medical bills? If so, one of our Maryland car accident attorneys can help. Prince George’s County is notorious for some of the most dangerous roads in the area—let us help you during this trying time so you can get back to living your life. 

Seabrook Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

Semi-truck accidents are some of the worst kinds of accidents a person can be involved in. These vehicles are much larger and can weigh thousands of pounds, which means they can cause a significant amount of damage. If you are suffering from injuries or other damages as the result of a semi-truck accident in the Seabrook area, we can help. We’ll help you file a claim against a trucking company and ensure you get the fair compensation you deserve. 

Group Home Abuse and Neglect

Many people trust that their loved one will be cared for when placed into a group home or nursing home facility. Unfortunately, abuse and neglect can happen quite often in these places due to poor training or as a result of being understaffed. If your loved one was abused or taken advantage of in a group home, we are here to assist you. We’ll make sure the guilty party is held accountable and will help you seek a high-dollar settlement

Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Seabrook

Were you or a loved one the victim of medical malpractice? Medical malpractice lawsuits are complex situations. It’s not easy to go up against doctors or hospitals and their own fancy teams of lawyers, but we can help. At Zirkin & Schmerling, we know what it takes to hold Maryland medical providers accountable for their negligence. Let us help you file your claim and win the high-value settlement you deserve for your suffering. 

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you were injured while working on the job, you may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. These benefits are available to certain Maryland workers and can help you pay for medical bills and lost wages. However, some employers and their insurance companies will often try to deny these claims or offer reduced benefits. Don’t let this happen to you—reach out to someone from our team today for legal guidance and help with your case. 

Seabrook Wrongful Death Attorney

Losing a loved one is never easy. It can be even harder to process when the loss occurs as the result of someone else’s negligence. However, if this is the case, your family may be entitled to wrongful death benefits. But filing a wrongful death lawsuit isn’t easy. Our team of Maryland attorneys has the skills you need and can help. 

Seabrook Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Maryland motorcycle accidents can result in severe and even life-threatening injuries. You will need to file a claim to recover compensation to help you pay for these injuries and other damages. Let one of our Seabrook attorneys assist you. We’ll handle the complex legal matters while you focus on rest and recovery. 

What If I’m Not Sure Whether I Have a Case?

We invite you to use the info on this page to learn more about Seabrook, MD, and the services our legal team provides. If you have any questions, however, please feel free to contact us for assistance and a free consultation. 

If you aren’t sure whether or not you have a case, we can help answer your questions. Someone from our office can review your case and let you know what your available options are. If you decide to move forward and pursue legal action, our team can provide valuable assistance. 

What Kind of Compensation Could I Recover?

Every case is unique, and therefore, there is no way to determine upfront how much money your case will be worth. We would first need to evaluate your individual situation to determine what you are owed. 

In most cases, these are the damages that you can be compensated for:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium

Will My Case Go to Court?

Again, every case is unique, and not all cases need to go to trial. In many situations, a personal injury case can be settled outside of court with the help of an experienced attorney. If your lawyer can get all parties to agree on a settlement, there is no need to go to trial. 

However, if you do go to trial, you will need to make sure you are working with an attorney who has experience handling litigation. Not all personal injury attorneys have seen the inside of a courtroom. 

Even if your case doesn’t go to trial, it’s still wise to work with a lawyer. It’s not uncommon today for insurance companies to try to offer reduced settlements that do not fully compensate victims for all they have suffered. So no matter the case, you will need an attorney on your side to protect your rights and ensure you win a fair settlement. 

If you need a personal injury attorney in Seabrook, please contact us for an initial consultation about your case. We will help you understand your options and the potential outcomes involved.

Traffic Facts for Prince George’s County, MD

As Seabrook is a small residential area, it doesn’t tend to have many traffic issues within the boundaries of the city. However, many residents do commute into other nearby areas, including Washington, D.C., which do have heavier traffic congestion. 

In Seabrook, MD:

  • 70.3% of residents drive their cars
  • 10.6%carpool
  • 1.9% work from home 
  • 14.1% take public transit

Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Prince George’s County

While Seabrook itself doesn’t have any notably dangerous roadways, Prince George’s County as a whole is ranked as one of the most dangerous places for traffic accidents in Maryland.  

Some roads and intersections that tend to see the most traffic congestion and accidents in the area include:

  • MD 202 – Landover Road
  • U.S. Route 1 corridor
  • St. Barnabas Road (MD 414) at 28th Avenue
  • Landover Road (MD 202) at Lottsford Road
  • U.S. 301 at South Osborne Road
  • Riggs Road (MD 212) at East-West Highway (MD 410)

Living in Seabrook, Maryland

Seabrook, MD, is a small suburb in Prince George’s County, located just outside of Washington, D.C., with a population of around 19,000. It’s a simple town that offers a dense suburban feel, but it still appeals to families and young professionals, as there is much to do and see in the surrounding cities. 

Seabrook has a few parks for outdoor activities, including Thomas Seabrook Park, Glenwood Park, and Glenn Dale Park. There is also the Lanham Skate Center, which is a recreational space for roller skating. 

There is a rich history in Seabrook, with the development of the town being tied to the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad. In 1871, Thomas Seabrook, a railroad engineer, purchased a large portion of land in the area of a planned railroad station with the intention of turning it into a retreat community. 

By the 1880s, the town consisted of a station, commercial buildings, a schoolhouse, and three Gothic cottages. For some time, the community remained small, but in the 1950s, it grew to include 185 houses on ten streets. Many of the homes then were built to house employees of the newly established NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, which is just north of Seabrook. 

Over the years, residential and commercial development continued, but even today, Seabrook remains a largely residential area surrounded by parks, green lawns, and shady oak trees. 

Nearest Emergency Services and Local Contact Information for Seabrook, Maryland

Bowie Division 2
601 SW Crain Highway, Bowie, MD 20715

Fire Department
Prince George’s County Fire Department – Company 848
8501 Good Luck Road, Lanham, Maryland, 20706

Luminis Health Medical Center
8118 Good Luck Rd., Lanham, MD 20706,

Prince George’s County Circuit Court
14735 Main Street, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

If you require legal assistance, contact our attorneys at Zirkin & Schmerling Law. We can help you navigate the legal process with care, speed, and professionalism. We truly care about the residents of Maryland and are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible representation. 

To learn more, contact us today at (410) 753-4611 to get in touch with qualified, experienced attorneys in Seabrook, MD.