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Experienced Lawyers Serving Woodlawn, Maryland

Experienced Lawyers Serving Woodlawn, Maryland

We get results. Take a look at some of our positive outcomes for clients:

  • $3,250,000 – Workplace sexual assault case
  • $1,850,000 – Driver hit by flying aluminum on the road
  • $500,000 – Victim’s ear bitten off by a dog
  • $475,000 – Group home abuse case
  • $375,000 – Rear-end auto accident
  • $300,000 – Homeowner’s insurance claim over an infant being dropped
  • $300,000 – Babysitter attacked by family dog
  • $300,000 – Car accident -previous attorney gave up on client injured in three car accidents over two years

Living in Woodlawn, Maryland

Woodlawn has a population of about 37,800 and is a suburb of Baltimore. It offers a park-like atmosphere that attracts families with children, plus lots of young professionals who commute to Baltimore for work.

Home values and rents tend to be higher in the state of Maryland than in other areas across the U.S., perhaps reflecting the higher wages paid in Baltimore compared to Woodlawn itself. Crime is also about 30% higher here than in the rest of the U.S., again likely due to Woodlawn’s big-city proximity.

Woodlawn is home to the headquarters of the Social Security Administration and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The city has a higher-than-average number of government workers, along with many residents who work in health care, customer service, warehouses, and retail.

Vehicles Collide Far Too Often in Woodlawn, Maryland

Vehicles Collide Far Too Often in Woodlawn Maryland

As vehicle one was traveling southbound on Woodlawn Drive, vehicle two was traveling northbound on Woodlawn Drive. Vehicle one crossed over the double yellow center line and collided with the front of vehicle two. After the impact, both vehicles came to rest in a front yard. Passengers were injured as a result of this crash.

Dangerous Roadways and Intersections in Woodlawn

These are some of the most dangerous areas for traffic in Woodlawn:

  • I-70 ramps
  • I-695/Jones Falls Expressway ramps
  • In a dangerous area of eastbound I-70 approaching the ramp to I-695
  • Firetower Road at Jacob Tome Memorial Highway
  • I-695 Inner Loop Prior to Exit 12b
  • I-695 Inner Loop at Exit 23a
  • I-95 North Prior to Exit 74
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Which Types of Woodlawn Cases Do You Handle?

At Zirkin & Schmerling Law, our attorney’s practice areas include successfully handling many different types of cases. Our attorneys have a lot of experience in motor vehicle accidents, divorce, DUI/DWI, criminal defense, and dog bite cases. If you need legal assistance with any of the following types of cases, please contact our law office for an initial consultation.

Dog Bite Injuries

Injured in a dog attack? When you’re bitten by a dog in Woodlawn, contact a qualified dog bite injury attorney who can help you get your medical bills paid and recover from the attack.

Personal Injury

If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, you can sue for their damages. To get the best results, you’ll need an experienced personal injury attorney helping you pursue a personal injury case.

Car Accidents

A car accident attorney can help you make an insurance claim, go to court if necessary, hold the right person responsible, and get a high-value award for your car accident. Contact Zirkin & Schmerling Law about your car accident in or around Woodlawn.

Semi-Truck Accidents

A semi-truck accident is one of the most devastating things that can happen on the road. To hold the trucking company and their insurance company accountable, you’ll need a lawyer who is qualified to handle semi-truck accidents.

Criminal Law

If you’re facing a criminal charge, you don’t have to face it alone. We can help you handle charges including felonies, misdemeanors, expungement, domestic violence, theft, drug crimes, assault, and reckless endangerment. Let’s find the best outcome possible for your situation.


A family law attorney can handle your Woodlawn divorce, division of property, alimony, child custody, child support, or protective order. Contact us for a caring approach to family law cases.

Group Home Abuse and Neglect

Group home abuse and neglect are sad situations that sometimes occur in Maryland. Contact a Woodlawn, Maryland group home abuse and neglect attorney about seeking high-dollar compensation for the suffering of your loved one.


DUI and DWI charges can easily end in jail time, in addition to fines and the loss of your driver’s license. Take these charges seriously. A DUI/DWI lawyer can explain your options and help you seek the best outcome.

Traffic Violations

Do you have speeding or parking tickets? Contact a traffic violation lawyer, because even a minor traffic ticket can become a big problem. Let’s review your record and clear your name.

Medical Malpractice

After medical malpractice or a birth injury, you’ll need the help of an experienced attorney who knows how to stand up to the big healthcare companies, hospitals, and their insurance carriers.

Worker’ Compensation

Don’t take the first off your company makes for worker’s compensation. These cases can be very complex and you’ll need solid legal advice.

Wrongful Death

After a loved one’s death due to someone else’s negligence, you’re left with sorrow and questions about what happened. We’ll help you get to the bottom of it and seek the compensation you deserve for your suffering.

Motorcycle Accidents

With the help of a motorcycle accident attorney, you can recover the cost of your injuries, bike damage, and more. Talk to a local attorney who is qualified to handle motorcycle accidents and has plenty of experience.

Defamation of Character

Did someone defame you on social media or try to ruin your reputation online? Talk to an attorney about defamation of character and holding the person responsible for your damages.

Peace Orders and Cyberbullying

Did you know cyberbullying is on the rise in Maryland? It’s a crime in our state and you can request a peace order and/or sue someone for the damages you have suffered. Talk to an attorney about this new and evolving aspect of the law.

What if I’m Not Sure Whether I Have a Case?

It’s common to wonder whether you have a case against someone. Please read the information on this page and contact us for an initial consultation about your situation.

Your lawyer will meet with you, ask about the details of your situation, sort through the legal matters, and present you with your options. If you decide to move forward with a case, you’ll find your lawyer provides valuable assistance with conducting interviews, communicating with the other side, locating documents, and handling paperwork – not to mention representing you in a court case or settlement.

What Kind of Compensation Could I Recover?

It is your right as a Maryland citizen to pursue compensation for many types of damages. Check with an attorney to see if you could receive compensation for:

  •  Past and future medical bills
  •  Past and future lost wages
  •  Pain and suffering
If you feel like you need some legal help, contact our attorneys to schedule a free case evaluation today.
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Will My Case Go to Court?

It depends. It is always important to have an experienced lawyer on your side to get the compensation you deserve.

For a personal injury case, sometimes there is no need to go to court for a civil matter because a talented lawyer can help you negotiate a settlement that is accepted by both sides. In this situation, nobody goes to court, yet everyone carefully creates an agreement that resolves the situation.  While a lot of civil cases settle, the insurance companies keep offering less and less on cases.  Due to this it is important to have a lawyer representing you who is familiar with trying cases in front of a judge or jury.  Many lawyers claim to handle personal injury or car accident cases, but have never seen the inside of a court room.  Before hiring a lawyer make sure you know that they are experienced in litigation.  Also, the insurance companies will sometimes offer more money to law firms that go to court because the insurance company knows that the lawyer isn’t just looking for a quick settlement for the client. 

For a criminal case, a court appearance may be unavoidable. You’ll need to present your best case to the court and a lawyer can help you show the judge that you’re a respectable person who is trying to do the right thing. Sometimes, you can avoid going to court in a criminal case if your lawyer can negotiate a legal arrangement with the prosecutor.  Once again, it is important to have a lawyer who understands the details of trying a criminal case in front of a judge or jury.  Prosecutors know the lawyers that will try a case in front of a judge or jury and the lawyers that are looking to plead their client guilty.  If you have a real trial lawyer on your side that can often lead to better offers from the prosecutor’s office.

For a family law case – Family law cases such as divorce can be complex and may involve court appearances. In some cases, you can negotiate arrangements with the other side with the help of your family law attorney and may avoid the need for a court appearance.  With family law cases it is always best to avoid court if possible so you don’t have bring the children into the litigation.  Also, it helps keep your attorney fees down, but sometimes there is no choice and you have to try the case because the other side is not being reasonable.  In these situations, it is crucial to have an experienced family law attorney to try your case.

For a worker’s compensation case, these cases often involve an appearance in front of a workers’ compensation commissioner.  Make sure your lawyer has experience with worker’s compensation claims like yours.

Please contact us for an initial consultation about your case and we will help you understand your options and the potential outcomes involved.

Nearest Emergency Services and Local Contact Information for Woodlawn, Maryland

In an emergency, always call 911.

Police Department

Fire Department



If you feel like you need some legal help, contact our attorneys to schedule a free case evaluation today.
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