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What Medical Evidence Is Needed in Workers’ Compensation Cases?

Securing workers’ compensation requires you to follow the right steps in the legal process. This includes gathering the medical evidence needed to support the claim. So, what medical evidence is needed in workers’ compensation cases? A doctor’s evaluation is a key piece of evidence. Their perspective on your illness or injuries, medical history, and necessary […]

What If I Have to Change Careers After My Work Injury?

Changing jobs due to a work-related injury is a challenging situation, especially when trying to recover from a serious injury. Thankfully, vocational counseling and career advice are rehabilitation benefits through workers’ compensation. Both assist employees with changing careers following a work accident. Maryland requires employers to maintain workers’ comp insurance but it’s not always easy […]

Maryland Workers’ Compensation Laws You Should Know

Maryland is one of 49 states in the country that requires employers to have workers’ compensation insurance to protect employees who are injured, sickened, or disabled while on the job by providing wage replacement and medical care.  The state’s General Assembly passed the first workers’ compensation law in the United States in 1902. Although that […]

What Happens When a Baltimore Uber Driver Hits a Pedestrian?

How insurance claims are handled after an accident can vary from state to state. Maryland is an at-fault state, meaning injured victims can file claims against the at-fault party to recover compensation for the damages they have suffered, such as injuries and medical expenses. However, who was at fault can also play a role in […]

Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit After a Car Accident in Maryland

Wrongful death is a devastating event that can leave a family struggling to cope with losing a loved one. In the case of a car accident, the loss can be even more difficult to bear if another driver’s negligence caused the crash. If you live in Maryland and have lost a loved one in a […]

Do Maryland Drivers Need PIP Car Insurance?

When you’re injured in an accident, the insurance company you file your claim with often depends on the fault laws of the state where you live. For at-fault states, you would typically file your claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance. For no-fault states, you would typically file the claim with your own insurance company, no […]

Is a Pedestrian Ever at Fault When a Pedestrian Is Hit By a Car?

When a pedestrian is hit by a car, it is often a traumatic and even tragic experience. In 2019, 92% of pedestrian-related car accidents in Maryland resulted in injury or death.   Unfortunately, motor vehicle collisions involving pedestrians continue to be a serious problem. On average annually, over 3,000 Maryland drivers are involved in accidents where […]

Why It’s Important to Contact a Child Injury Lawyer When Your Child is Injured in a Car Accident

The only thing worse than being injured in a car accident is having a loved one injured, especially if it’s a child. No parent or guardian wants to see their child suffer. We all want what is best for our kids. Unfortunately, accidents still happen. And no matter what you do to protect your child, it […]

Average Settlement For a Broken Pelvis from a Car Accident

A broken pelvis from a car accident can be a severe and even life-altering injury. Not only can a fractured or crushed pelvis be incredibly painful, but treatment options can also be quite expensive and require time off work while healing. And even after the initial healing process, a crushed pelvis could result in permanent […]