What If I Have to Change Careers After My Work Injury?

What If I Have to Change Careers After My Work Injury?

What if i have to change careers after my work injury

Changing jobs due to a work-related injury is a challenging situation, especially when trying to recover from a serious injury.

Thankfully, vocational counseling and career advice are rehabilitation benefits through workers’ compensation. Both assist employees with changing careers following a work accident.

Maryland requires employers to maintain workers’ comp insurance but it’s not always easy to navigate, especially while trying to recover from a serious job-related injury.

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Navigating Your Return to Work After a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workers’ compensation insurance laws mandate employers in Maryland to reasonably accommodate employees returning to work with restrictions. Clear communication of medical restrictions helps enforce individual member protection under workers’ compensation.

What if i have to change careers after my work injury

No matter what a job pays, workers might be entitled to disability payouts and benefits like Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Legal assistance helps safeguard workers’ rights against retaliation or benefit termination.

Light or Modified Job Duties at the Same Job

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In Maryland, employers aren’t obligated to keep positions open indefinitely for injured workers. However, they may offer modified job duties during the recovery period. These duties should align with the employee’s abilities and medical recommendations by the workers’ compensation doctor.

If the doctor determines resuming previous duties isn’t feasible, an employer may assign alternative tasks within the same job position or transition workers to a different position that is less physically demanding until they are no longer disabled. Examples include inventory management, administrative work, security monitoring, or supervisory roles.

Typically you’ll receive medical and money benefits unless your job pays your previous amount.

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What If My Debilitating Work Injury Is Permanent?

Permanent injury or disability resulting from a job-related injury may necessitate seeking vocational help as part of a workers’ compensation claim. Depending on the nature of the disability, an injured employee may be entitled to vocational counseling, transferable skills analysis, job-seeking support, and formal retraining to find a second job that they can perform.

Permanent partial disability benefits provide ongoing medical treatment coverage and replace lost wages for workers with lasting symptoms. The percentage of reduced function due to the claim determines the financial benefits received.

Before agreeing to any permanent partial disability settlement, seek legal advice. The insurance company trying to settle will likely present a low offer that doesn’t take into account the effort required to do the same tasks at your old job or switch jobs.

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Protecting Your Income Following a Workers’ Comp Injury

Workplace injuries may cause you to find a new job due to a decreased ability to perform the daily requirements of your previous job. Workers’ compensation offers solutions to address this, but to continue receiving benefits while searching for a new job, you’ll have to pay attention to details.

Gathering and presenting evidence supporting your case, adhering to all procedural requirements, and submitting time-sensitive information with all fields marked to insurance is crucial.

It’s important to remember the workers’ comp insurance company doesn’t work for the employee. They work for your employer (or former employer) and will be prepared to refute your claims to avoid paying additional benefits.

Even if you’re forced to find a new job at a new company, or take on a second job to make ends meet, the old company may still be legally responsible.

Will Workers’ Compensation Benefits Help Me Train for a New Job?

Maryland law provides for workers seeking new career paths after a work-related injury. Employees can file a claim for job training and education funds that will help them switch to a new job they can do post-injury.

There is also a provision for workers to learn a trade or get a degree in a new industry with comparable pay. Partial permanent disability benefits may supplement your workers’ comp income.

Work-related injuries can disrupt your career trajectory, but proactive measures can mitigate their impact. Leveraging vocational rehab programs, workers’ compensation benefits, and legal support will help you change jobs confidently.

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Can I Disagree With the Workman’s Comp Decision?

The workers’ compensation claim protects people who’ve been denied by allowing a formal appeal to be filed. (Make sure you fill out the required forms with all required fields clearly).

This appeal triggers a review of the case, which may include hearings or mediation sessions to resolve the dispute. The workers’ compensation board will determine if the insurance company upheld its legal responsibility.

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