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Place Matters Initiative: What Is It?

In 2007, the Maryland Social Services Administration made a deliberate shift in its policy and services by announcing a statewide implementation of the Place Matters Initiative. This program promotes safety, family strengthening, permanency and community-based services for children and families in the child welfare system. Over the past decade, it has had a significant impact […]

Group Home Abuse Case Values

When child abuse in group homes occurs, families are usually anxious to go to court and obtain justice on their child’s behalf. In many cases, they also want to know how much compensation they should expect to receive. However, it is crucial to remember that every group home case is completely unique. It is impossible […]

Group Home Abuse Attorney

In a February 2015 article, The Baltimore Sun shined a spotlight on abuse and cruelty at a Maryland home for disabled foster children. Neglectful and even criminal practices at the LifeLine Home resulted in the tragic death of a ten year old boy and the mistreatment of many others. Unfortunately, occurrences such as this one […]

Group Home Law Resources in Maryland

Maryland group home law can be confusing, especially if you are already concerned about a loved one. That is why we have compiled this thorough outline of some of the group home law resources in Maryland. Read further to learn more about the systems set up to keep children safe and intervene when they are […]

Children’s Group Home Bill of Rights

When placing their child in a group home, most parents believe that they will receive respect, dignity, and kindness. Unfortunately, the last few years have shown that some group homes do not provide adequate physical and emotional care for their residents. That is why the state of Maryland provides a Children’s Group Home Bill of […]

Licensing and Monitoring Group Homes In Maryland.

Many families who send their children to group homes in Maryland trust that they will be nurtured and protected by their caretakers. In many cases, they are. But in some sad situations, children experience neglect and even abuse at the hands of group home workers. Who is responsible for regulating these facilities? Who ensures that […]

Child Abuse In Group Homes: What You Can Do

If you placed your child in the care and guidance of a group home and later discovered that they were being mistreated, then you are probably angry and unsure where to turn for help. Child abuse in group homes has been in the news during the past few years. Thankfully, there are many resources and […]