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Understanding Maryland Carjacking Charges

Carjacking is a serious offense that is viewed as a dangerous criminal act. Committing an act of carjacking can put the lives of others in danger, and thus the charges for such an offense are severe. If you receive a carjacking charge, you will face a felony conviction and can spend years in prison. Those […]

What if the Officer Never Read My Miranda Rights?

After being questioned by the police, it might dawn on you that the officer never read your Miranda rights. Most people are at least vaguely aware of these rights because they’ve seen a TV cop arrest someone and say, “You have a right to remain silent …” But what does it really mean if the […]

Booking In and Bailing Out: What You Should Know About Arrests

If you’re arrested, you’ll be booked into jail and will soon face a legal process known as bail review. This is a critical moment in your life when you need the best legal representation possible. What happens next affects your future and your freedom. Most people aren’t prepared for the highly-stressful bail review process until […]

Don’t Violate Governor Hogan’s Executive Order to Stay At Home

Why can you be jailed in Maryland for violating Governor Hogan’s Executive Order to Stay At Home? Here’s what you need to know: I’m sure a lot of Marylanders were concerned when, on Monday March 30, 2020, Governor Larry Hogan announced his Order that dictated, with certain exceptions, “All persons living in the State of […]

Smishing Latest Form Of Identity Fraud And It’s On The Rise

Texting is not only gaining wide usage with people of all ages, it’s also become another avenue for criminals to scam the public. A text message from a criminal trying to steal your personal information is known as smishing. You’ve probably been on the receiving end of a smishing attempt, even if you don’t realize […]

October New Laws for Maryland

When the General Assembly passes new legislation, the law will go into effect on either July 1 or October 1 of that year unless otherwise specified.  So just this week, a rash of new laws went into effect.  It is important to be familiar with new laws for as they say, “ignorance of the law […]

Baltimore Police Officer Found Drunk & Sleeping on Duty

The other day, it was national news that, according to reports in the Baltimore Sun and other new sources, an on-duty Baltimore City police officer was allegedly found intoxicated and slumped over behind the wheel of his marked patrol vehicle. The impression from media reports was that this officer was in a parked car. One […]

Peace Orders In Maryland

Peace Orders in Maryland are a legal form of protection granted by the District Court. If you need protection from someone, you can file a petition against him or her. A Peace Order is similar to a Protective Order. This form of legal protection, however, offers additional relief from more types of abuse. Here’s what […]

Protective Orders In Maryland

Domestic violence and false allegations of domestic violence can destroy lives, relationships, families, and communities. Thankfully, the state of Maryland has established multiple safeguards to fight abuse and protect victims. One of the most important of these safeguards is the protective order, which can vary in scope and specificity depending on your specific situation. At […]