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I-95 Merge Points, Entrances, and Exits

Despite numerous road improvement projects since the 1960s, the I-95 interstate remains a dangerous place to drive. This interstate is the result of a long-term plan to create a fast path through Baltimore, but its speed is part of its danger.
Watch out for these three areas in particular: Northbound I-95 through the Fort McHenry Tunnel, the area where I-95 meets I-395, and “Between the Beltway,” which is the southern stretch between I-495 and I-695 that handles a high flow of traffic to and from Washington, D.C.

Accidents on 1-95

MDTA Officer Injured in DUI on I-95

If you drive in Baltimore, you know that the interstate highway system is one of the area’s most dangerous roadways, including Interstate 95. Although I-95 stretches across the state line and all along the entire east coast, one of its most accident-prone portions is found right here in Maryland.

Even worse, I-95 seems to be a magnet for drunk drivers. The latest in a long string of drunk driving crashes involves a Woodlawn man who injured a Maryland Transporation Authority (MDTA) officer in the early morning hours of Sunday, April 4, 2021.

Rodney I. Berger, age 28, was charged with DUI plus other offenses for striking the MDTA officer and hitting a stopped vehicle on southbound I-95 near the Caton Avenue exit. Berger, who drove a black Mercedes sedan, was later determined by another officer to be driving under the influence.

The MDTA officer survived the crash but went to the hospital with injuries. At this point, the crash is still under investigation and the state police are requesting that any witnesses call them immediately at 410-537-1209.

In the past, I-95 has been the site of numerous catastrophic crashes involving drunk driving, distracted driving, and other incidents with high speeds and high-impact collisions. Deadly I-95 crashes contribute to Baltimore’s dubious honor as home to the country’s worst drivers.

77-Year-Old Man and 2 Horses Killed on I-95

A deadly crash on Interstate 95 in Sussex County ended in flames. Kenneth Friedman, age 77, died in the crash, and two horses also died when their horse trailer caught on fire.

According to a state police investigation, Friedman’s Ford F-250 pickup/camper, which was hauling a horse trailer, left the roadway of northbound I-95. The vehicle and trailer then struck two trees and jackknifed in the road, becoming fully engulfed in flames.

Friedman is from Florida and was traveling through Virginia. Two other horses that were also in the trailer survived the accident and were examined for injuries.

I-95 is among Baltimore’s most dangerous roads and has been the site of numerous catastrophic traffic accidents. In particular, this interstate has high rates of rear-end collisions and chain-reaction collisions.

In this accident, other drivers managed to avoid hitting Friedman’s vehicle and horse trailer in the crash. However, I-95 northbound was closed for a period of time as emergency workers cleared the scene. 

After an accident like this, move yourself and your vehicle out of the travel lanes and to safety immediately after the crash. Assess yourself for injuries and call 911 to report any injuries to yourself or others. Focus on speaking to the ambulance workers and police rather than talking to the other people involved in the crash. 

Don’t discuss fault, admit liability, or give a statement to anyone — including the insurance company — until you contact a Maryland traffic accident lawyer. Choose an experienced lawyer who can help you protect the value of your claim and gather strong evidence to back it up.

If you were a witness to the accident described above and have not yet spoken with the authorities, please contact the Maryland state police at 410-653-4200. 

I-95 Motorcyclist Struck During Suspected Drunk Driving Accident

Motorcyclists are very vulnerable when riding on the open road, and motorcycling accidents often have tragic outcomes. Such was the case when a motorcyclist was recently killed after being struck by a suspected drunk driver’s vehicle on Interstate 95 in July. 

According to the Baltimore Sun, the motorcyclist’s Harley Davidson motorcycle was rear ended by the suspected drunk driver’s Dodge Charger at about 5:30 a.m. while traveling south on I-95 near the intersection with I-895 in Elkridge. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene.  

The man driving the car that hit the motorcycle pulled his car over to the road’s shoulder some distance from the crash before being taken into custody, the police said. 

Supporting motorcycle accident victims

While motorcycle accidents can result in severe injury and fatality, in many cases, another driver or person was negligent, causing the accident. All accidents are tragedies, and some even result in an alleged wrongful death, as with the accident described above. 

Each year, some 70 motorcyclists are killed in traffic in the state of Maryland, and an additional 1,400 riders and passengers are injured, according to the Maryland Department of Transportation. Motorcycle injuries tend to be much more severe than automobile injuries because of motorcyclists’ exposure. Even a minor collision or fender bender can cause serious injuries.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, having the right legal team on your side to protect your rights and fight for your fair compensation is paramount. At Zirkin & Schmerling Law, we work to make sure you can regain peace of mind following an accident and help you to understand your rights.  

Fighting for families affected by wrongful death 

Maryland motorcycle accidents caused by negligent drivers are even more upsetting because they can often result in wrongful death. An untimely death due to wrongful actions makes coping and trying to move forward much more difficult. In addition to loneliness and distress, if the loved one was a financial caretaker or provider, the impact of an unexpected death can be even more severe. Sudden loss of income, protection, and care can leave loved ones and family members helpless.

When looking for help with a Maryland wrongful death case, turn to Zirkin & Schmerling. Our attorneys have the experience and reputation needed to fight for your rights and for the compensation that’s deserved after losing a loved one. We will evaluate your case free of charge.

Finally, bereavement is a difficult process for anyone. By letting our legal team handle legal matters involved with pursuing compensation, you’ll have less stress and fewer tasks to worry about. Instead, you can focus on healing.