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Midnight Rollover Crash Damages Three Vehicles in Baltimore

Back in June of this year, a multi-car wreck occurred at the intersection of North Caroline Street and East Fayette Street in Baltimore. The wreck involved a rolling vehicle that could have caused fatal injuries. Fortunately, no one involved in the crashwas seriously injured, but it does illustrate the importance of staying safe on the […]

Can You Make A Claim When You Are Pregnant in a Car Accident?

Did you know 1% to 3% of all newborn babies are exposed to a car crash before birth? Around 170,000 U.S. car accidents per year involve pregnant women. When you are pregnant in a car accident it can pose serious health dangers for mothers and babies, including risks of miscarriage, oxygen deprivation, premature birth, birth […]

What Makes a Left Turn Across Traffic Dangerous in Maryland

Determining Fault in Left-Turn Car Accident and What Makes It So Dangerous Making a left turns is one of the top five driving phobias in the U.S., and with good reason. The NHTSA reports that 53.1% of crossing path crashes involve left turns, but only 5.7 % involve right turns. Intersections are especially dangerous because […]

Most Dangerous Intersections and Baltimore Roads

Driving is dangerous in Baltimore. We have some of the country’s biggest traffic jams, most dangerous expressways, and highest rates of severe and fatal accidents. The overwhelming majority of people in Baltimore drive rather than walking, bicycling, or taking public transportation. Baltimore’s commuting times are among the nation’s longest and have only become worse in […]

When am I Going to Get My Money from a Maryland Car Accident Settlement?

Usually within a couple of days or weeks aquestion naturally arises. When will I have my money? We understand why this is such a pressing question. Your medical bills are piling up and you’re facing other costs too, like car repairs and lost days of work. You’re ready to get it all sorted out and […]