What Are Payable Traffic Tickets?

what are payable traffic tickets in maryland

If you have recently been pulled over by the police for speeding or violating a traffic law, you may be asking yourself: what are payable traffic tickets? People often panic when they receive a ticket and make very expensive mistakes as a result. Read on to learn more about what you should do in this situation.

How Much Will I Pay?

Except in a few limited situations, payable traffic tickets usually do not exceed a $500 fine. One exception is Reckless Driving, which could cost you up to $1,000. Reckless Driving is perhaps the most serious of the non-incarcerable traffic tickets, because you will receive 6 points on your driver’s licence if convicted.

In Maryland, the district courts have established fines for every possible traffic violation. These payable fines are designed as convenience fees to avoid having to appear for court. Once you pay your ticket, a guilty verdict is entered, a notice is sent to the Motor Vehicle Administration, and a preset amount of points are added to your driving record. So before paying that fine, remember that the real cost of the ticket will be the amount that your car insurance rates increase once you have points on your license.

Should I Pay The Ticket?

Whenever an officer issues you a ticket for a traffic offense, the information on the ticket will tell you what kind of offense you are being charged with and which fines are associated with this type of ticket. It will also provide you with a choice between paying the ticket and requesting a trial. This information may appear harmless, but it is a trap. If you pay the ticket without consulting an attorney, there is much you haven’t considered.

Many people do not realize that the fine written on the ticket is a preset amount. Depending on the circumstances a judge may consider a much lower fine. But once you pay the ticket, a guilty verdict will be entered on your record. The court will then send notice to the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), which may put points on your driving record.

If you feel like you need some legal help, contact our Traffic Law attorney to schedule a free case evaluation today.

Do I Have A Case?

You may even be able to win your case if you attend the traffic hearing with an attorney. Here are some questions to keep in mind in determining if you have a winnable case:

  • Have you been charged with the right ticket?
  • Did the officer stop your car legally?
  • Is there enough evidence for a conviction?

Sometimes even the smallest technicalities can help you receive a not guilty verdict. However, if you lose your trial, it is still possible to keep points off your Maryland driving record. In Maryland, if a judge provides a Probation Before Judgment (PBJ), then no points will be placed on your driving record. This will give you the chance to keep your record clean.

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