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In The Know: Child Adoption in Baltimore

Adopting a child in Baltimore is a thoughtful decision that’s carefully planned. We often consider adoption as a way to start a family after a desire to parent a child goes unfulfilled – such as infertility or to defy the biological clock. Other times, we adopt out of a sense of duty to a child […]

Tragedy in Greenbelt Leads to Questions About Divorce Law

On the night of May 10, 2019, Bettie Jenifer was leaving the building of Express Employment Professionals in Greenbelt, Maryland when a man appeared in the parking lot. As the founder and leader of the company, Bettie often works into the night. The man approached her and Bettie turned to flee. Armed with a handgun, […]

Where to Turn for Answers in Baltimore If You Are Considering Divorce

You and your spouse find yourselves at the end of your journey together. It’s difficult to arrive at this decision for any couple. You have a lot of questions, of course. If you live in Baltimore, where can you turn for answers? The Family Division of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, Maryland hears cases […]

Custody Laws In Maryland: What You Need To Know

It’s never easy for either party in a divorce, especially when children are involved. If you have children, you are going to need to understand custody laws in Maryland if you want to make sense of the process. There are many details to consider if you are going to improve your chances of obtaining a […]

School Daze: The Dilemma of Private School Tuition

A better understanding of the Maryland child support guidelines can help you determine what your responsibilities are when it comes to paying for your children’s education. There are many options available, from private school to public school to prep school and more. Although every parent wants the best for their children, you may have a […]

Peace Orders In Maryland

Peace Orders in Maryland are a legal form of protection granted by the District Court. If you need protection from someone, you can file a petition against him or her. A Peace Order is similar to a Protective Order. This form of legal protection, however, offers additional relief from more types of abuse. Here’s what […]

Maryland Custody Laws: What You Need To Know

If you are in the middle of a custody battle, you already know that a knowledge of Maryland custody law is important. Understanding the different types of custody and how judges come to custody decisions can ensure that you have appropriate access to your children and influence in their lives. We know that divorce law […]

Child Support Law In Maryland

At some point during a divorce, the couple must address a number of very important questions. Who will pay for their children’s medical bills? Who will make decisions regarding the child’s social and financial well-being? Who will bear financial responsibility for specific aspects of the child’s upbringing? Who will pay for the child’s medical and […]

Types of Divorce in Maryland

There are two types of divorce in Maryland: absolute and limited divorce. Many people know they want a divorce, but aren’t sure how permanent or formalized they would like it to be. An experienced divorce attorney can help you understand which of the types of divorce in Maryland best suits your situation. Read on to […]

Divorce Attorney In Maryland

Whether you’ve been married for a few weeks or many years, going through a divorce is tough. To make matters worse, there are serious legal implications of getting a divorce that can be hard to address during this emotional time. Zirkin and Schmerling Law understands what you’re going through and is here to help you […]