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Am I Covered By Insurance?

We can’t be 100% certain whether you’re covered by insurance until we investigate your specific situation, but the good news is that some type of insurance usually applies to Maryland car accidents. There are many types of insurance out there!

Your accident could be covered by your car insurance, the other driver’s car insurance, your health insurance, company vehicle insurance, a commercial trucking company’s insurance, PIP insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, Uber/Lyft insurance, or a government agency’s insurance policy. Car accident lawyers are experts at researching and revealing potential sources of insurance coverage.

Even if the cost of your accident goes above and beyond the limit of one insurance policy, there may be a secondary policy to pursue. Or you might be able to start a lawsuit against the responsible person to further cover your losses. There are many options to consider and your lawyer can help you determine if one or more of these options applies to your accident.