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Expungement Consultation


An attorney from our firm would like to speak with you about expungement possibilities. Before having a free consultation with one of our attorneys, there is some information we will need. Please fill out the form below. All fields with an * must be completed.

Also, keep in mind our firm can only assist with expunging eligible Maryland State cases. Federal cases are not able to be expunged and our firm does not provide advice on cases from other states.

Once you have completed the form below, click on the button that says “Send Your Request to Speak with an Attorney” and someone from our office will follow up with you shortly.

If we determine after a free consultation that you are immediately eligible to expunge cases from your record, our retainer fee to represent you in expunging those cases from your criminal and/or traffic record is just $350.00 fee. This fee will include all currently-eligible cases on your record!

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