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Gwynns Falls Parkway

Gwynns Falls Parkway Intersections

At the top of the most dangerous intersections list is Gwynns Falls Parkway. Specifically, watch out for the intersection at Reisterstown Road, which is the state of Maryland’s #1 most dangerous intersection according to the NHTSA. 

In a single year, there were more than 45 significant crashes at this intersection – almost one per week, all within the same 150-foot area. Heavy congestion and long wait times at the traffic signal seem to create a lot of driver impatience and chaos here. Resulting in a significant number of auto accidents.

Gwynns Falls Parkway also has high rates of crashes at Auchentoroly Terrace, Denison Street, Garrison Boulevard, Dukeland Street, and Warwick Avenue. Together, these intersections are the sites of a high proportion of crashes in Baltimore.

Dangerous Roads: Four Injured in Three-Car Crash on Gwynns Falls Parkway

When three vehicles collided on Gwynns Falls Parkway, four people were injured and needed urgent medical care. In the April 16 chain-reaction crash, two silver sedans and a red sedan were traveling on Gwynns Fall Parkway near the intersection with North Warwick Avenue. 

It’s unknown exactly how the three vehicles collided, and Maryland state police have so far been unable to reconstruct the accident’s exact circumstances. However, after emergency crews arrived, three of the vehicles’ occupants were transported to area hospitals with severe injuries, and one had non-life-threatening injuries.

The incident is under investigation, and any witnesses to the accident should contact the Maryland state police as soon as possible at 410-653-4200. There may have been many witnesses because the collision happened in heavy traffic and resulted in long delays while road crews cleared debris.

Gwynns Falls Parkway is among Baltimore’s most dangerous roads and has been the site of numerous catastrophic traffic accidents. The parkway is a hotspot for multiple-car crashes where vehicles smash into each other in chain-reaction collisions.

If you find yourself in a multi-car collision like this, move to safety immediately after the crash and assess yourself for injuries. Call 911 and focus on speaking to the ambulance workers and police rather than talking to the other people in the crash. 

Don’t discuss fault, don’t admit liability, or give a statement to anyone — including the insurance company — until you contact an experienced Maryland traffic accident lawyer. Chain-reaction crashes are among the most complex accidents on Maryland’s roads, so choose an experienced lawyer who can help you protect the value of your claim and gather strong evidence to back it up.