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9-Month-Old Child Flown Out to Hospital After Dog Bite In Hollywood

On January 13th, a child was hospitalized from a severe dog bite. The child was transported by first responders in a helicopter to a trauma center. Fortunately, the one-year-old child’s injuries were not fatal, and they received proper medical attention promptly. The tragic events leading to the child’s hospitalization illuminates a common cause of concern […]

Can I Sue for a Minor Dog Bite?

It’s always upsetting when you’re the victim of a dog bite, but some bites are worse than others. If your injuries are minor, you might wonder whether it’s really worth it to pursue a lawsuit or insurance claim. To determine your next step, review the relevant laws in your area and assess key factors like […]

Comparing Dog Bite Laws: Maryland and Surrounding States

Unlike smaller countries, the United States has no single set of laws when it comes to dog bites. Each state (and in some cases, each municipality within a state) has arrived at its own statutes to deal with a problem that is quite common. As of 2018, dog bites were the 13th leading cause for […]