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What are the Most Common Types of Injuries From a Dog Bite?

Lacerations and broken bones are two of the most common dog bite injuries. Injuries like these may arise from the dog bite itself or from being shaken or knocked down. There are also many other types of dog bite injuries.

Contact a dog bite attorney if you have any of the following common injuries from a dog bite: puncture wounds, cuts, tears, abrasions, crushing injuries, scarring, infection, rabies, tetanus, or nerve damage. Dog bites can also cause deep psychological wounds that require mental health treatment, which can be covered by dog bite injury compensation.



If a dog owner lives in a home that he owns then usually the homeowner’s insurance will pay for the injuries to the victim.  If there is no homeowner’s insurance then the dog owner will have to pay out of pocket for the injuries caused by the dog bite. You can also get a judgment and try to attach a lien on the home.

If the dog owner is a renter in a home or apartment complex then renter’s insurance can cover the damage caused by the dog.  If there is no renter insurance then in some cases you can pursue the landlord or property management company for the injuries caused by the dog.  This is more difficult and will often need litigation.