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Social Media Advice After a Car Accident

posting accidents on social media

You’ve probably posted something on social media without giving it a second thought. Social media is a huge part of our lives and helps us share our experiences with all the people we care about.

But after a car accident, you might regret being so open on social media. Little things you say and share could come back to haunt you later.

Yes, a Social Media Photo/Video Can Be Used Against You!

Here’s something you might not realize. Insurance companies carefully scan social media for any evidence to use against people who make insurance claims. Lawyers do the same for their clients in lawsuits.

They’re all looking for bits and pieces of proof that will contradict your claims. The more they can find, the more they can use it to erode your case and reduce the value of your claim.

Let’s say that you were in a car crash and you decide to post some pictures of the crash and within your post your state how lucky you are to be ok.  The word ok could be taken and used against you.  Did this post mean that you had no injuries?  Did this mean that you weren’t hurt at all?  Or did it mean that you had no serious injuries?  It could also mean that you feel lucky to be alive after a terrible crash. The point is that an insurance company can take this post and argue to a judge or jury that you stated you were ok on the day of the crash; thus you must not have been injured. 

This example shows the importance of limiting what you share online. What you post online can give the insurance company another argument against you.  Keep in mind that the insurance company will do whatever they can to try to put you in a negative light.

Here’s What to Do If You’ve Already Shared It

What about if you’ve already shared something that could be incriminating? The first thing you should do is disable your social media accounts. Take a break from social media and don’t post anything new. Next, talk to your lawyer about what someone could have seen and how you can protect yourself moving forward.

Remember, it’s not just photos and videos that can do damage. Anything you say or share online is up for grabs as evidence against you, including comments, messages, and more. Even emojis are being used in court cases to show people’s emotions and state of mind.

Here are just a few examples of how the other side could use social media against you:

  • A TikTok video taken in your car could imply you don’t pay attention to the road.
  • An Instagram post that shows you dancing could suggest you’re not seriously injured.
  • A Facebook post about attending an event could throw doubt on the accident timeline.
  • Tweets where you rant about the accident provide lots of evidence against you.
  • Your friends using laughing emojis or joking around about the accident could be used to show that you aren’t taking it very seriously.

You Need a Car Accident Attorney NOW

If you’re wondering about the impact of social media on your case, don’t assume anything. We’ve seen social media posts destroy otherwise strong insurance claims. Talk to a Maryland car accident attorney at Zirkin & Schmerling Law to discuss what you can do to protect your case and preserve your level of compensation.

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