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Blood Alcohol Content Legal Limits in Maryland

Do you know Maryland’s blood alcohol content legal limits? This seems like a simple question at first. Many people think that staying under a blood alcohol level of .08 will keep them safe even if they are pulled over for DUI in Maryland. While the ultimate answer to this question is fairly simple, it is […]

DUI and DWI Breath Tests In Maryland

Unless you’ve ever been pulled over for DUI in Maryland, you may not realize that police officers might ask you to take two very different DUI/DWI breath tests during an investigation. Most people think there is only one “breathalyzer,” but there are key differences between these two methods. Knowing your rights and anticipating the consequences […]

How Long Do Points Stay On Your License in Maryland?

If you paid a ticket without going to court, or were found guilty after you appeared in court, you probably received points on your driving record. These points can make everyday activities, such as getting to school or work, difficult or even impossible. In this article, we will explain the rationale behind the point system, […]

Getting A Letter From The Maryland MVA

Have you received a revocation, suspension, or warning letter from the Motor Vehicle Administration? Getting an official letter from the Maryland MVA is often alarming, since they mention periods of suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. The letter will be very specific about your situation, so you should read the letter carefully, take it […]