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Will the Truck Driver’s Insurance Company Pay My Bills?

Trucking companies carry huge insurance policies to cover their drivers in the event of a crash. For them, having a large insurance policy is just part of doing business. Often their policies will be at least $5,000,000.  Typically the issue won’t be if there is enough insurance coverage in these cases.  The bigger concern is being able to prove to the trucking company and their insurance company what is the true value of the case.  That is one of the reasons why it is so important to hire an attorney.  Zirkin and Schmerling Law will hire the right experts for your case that can put together past and future damages for an insurance company, judge or jury to review.

There is never a guarantee that a trucking company’s insurance carrier will pay They may stall you and shy away from your requests, making you feel as if you’ll never get a check! That’s why you need a semi-truck lawyer who knows how to handle your case and pursue a positive outcome.

There are also other avenues of compensation, like suing the trucker individually, pursuing an owner/operator, and starting a claim against a government entity that is responsible for the truck. An experienced trucking lawyer will investigate each of these options to see if they are applicable.