Top Reasons Couples Divorce in Baltimore Including Cyber-Cheating

Top Reasons Couples Divorce in Baltimore

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Most people are aware of the common reasons for divorce. What about cyber-cheating?

Although 90% of Americans will get married at least once before age 50, about 45% of marriages end in divorce. Second and third marriages have even higher breakup rates, with about 67% to 80% eventually leading to divorce.

What causes so many divorces? Sometimes a spouse discovers secrets or lies that change how they view their marriage. Sometimes it involves a financial crisis or an addiction. Other times, the breakup is mutual and both parties simply want out of the relationship for personal reasons.

Top Reasons Couples Divorce in Baltimore

At Zirkin & Schmerling Law, we see couples trying to sort out a wide variety of situations that ultimately result in a marriage break-up. The most common circumstances include:

  • Financial/legal trouble: A spouse has issues like overspending, excessive debt or deception about where the money is going. This sometimes includes criminal acts.
  • Infidelity: When a spouse cheats or suspects the other of cheating, this can create a deep divide in the marriage that is difficult to ever resolve.
  • Family matters: Sometimes conflict arises regarding in-laws, siblings, the children’s needs, caring for elderly parents and other family issues.
  • Mental/physical/medical problems: Health problems can contribute to difficulty in a marriage, especially if they are accompanied by high medical bills.
  • Personality clashes: In some cases, the couple develops an unresolvable conflict due to disagreements, communication problems and an unwillingness to compromise.
  • Addiction: Alcoholism, drug use, gambling and other types of addictions can quickly erode happiness within a marriage. 

New Frontier for Relationships – The Internet

Do you know 39% of all couples now meet online? That’s good news for blossoming relationships, although in the age of the internet, certain online behaviors can lead to divorce: internet pornography use, cheating through online dating sites, online gambling and identity deception, just to name a few. 

Psychologists have termed it “cyber-cheating.” Although it’s hard to say whether having a secret online relationship is cheating in the strictest sense of the word, any controversial online behavior within the relationship can send a couple down the path to divorce.

Know Maryland’s Divorce Laws Before You File

From a legal perspective, it doesn’t matter what the exact personal reasons are. Either party may initiate a divorce in the state of Maryland based on one or more of the following grounds for absolute divorce:

  • Adultery
  • Desertion or separation for more than 12 uninterrupted months
  • A felony or misdemeanor conviction with a jail sentence of at least 3 years
  • Confinement to a mental institution for at least 3 years
  • Cruel treatment or excessively vicious conduct toward the spouse or a minor child
  • Mutual consent, if there are no minor children and both parties have a signed agreement regarding alimony and property distribution

2 Types of Divorce in Maryland

Many people don’t realize the state of Maryland has two types of divorce: absolute divorce and limited divorce. The latter isn’t a complete dissolution of marriage but may last indefinitely at the discretion of a judge.

Before filing for divorce – and especially if your spouse has already filed – get immediate advice from an experienced Maryland divorce attorney. The decisions you make in the coming days could affect your entire future and your children’s future, too.

Refrain from discussing your divorce on social media and in other public settings. Before attempting to gather evidence of adultery or any other grounds for divorce, consult your attorney about the best legal routes to establishing your side of the story. You wouldn’t want to unintentionally do something wrong that could harm your case.

Your lawyer will provide legal expertise during this difficult time in your life and help bring a smooth resolution to your divorce. With their advice and legal representation, you can close this chapter in your life and move forward to a fresh future.

Have a Legal Question About Divorce in Baltimore? We Have Answers.

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