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Dangerous Maryland Roads and Intersections With Higher Than Average Pedestrian-Car Accidents

Fail to stop for a pedestrian and you could get a $1,000 fine under the new pedestrian safety law now in effect in Maryland. The penalty has risen from $500 to $1,000 and lawmakers hope the hefty fine will make people think twice before putting pedestrians in danger. Under SB460, the Pedestrian Safety Bill, all […]

Baltimore’s Five Most Dangerous Road Zones and the Harford Road Diet

In May 2019, Baltimore made a controversial change to one of its most accident-prone roads, Harford Road between Echodale Avenue and White Avenue. A busy thoroughfare with four lanes of traffic was cut down to just two, with the others converted to bike lanes and more room for pedestrians and scooters. This slim-down is known […]

Steeper Penalties for Drunk or Drugged Driving Should Deter Accidents And Injuries

The frequency of drunk and drugged driving accidents hasn’t dropped much in Maryland so far, even though the penalties for causing these accidents are more severe, after House Bill 707 (HB707) went into effect October 1, 2019. According to a 2018 Maryland Highway Safety Plan study, drunk driving accounts for about one in three fatal […]

Leaving the Scene of an Accident is a Crime in Maryland – Know Your Rights After a Hit-and-Run Accident

Hit-and-run drivers make most people in our whole community angry. A hit and run car crash could be as minor as a small scrape to someone’s vehicle or as major as hitting a person and causing serious personal injury or death. Either way, it is important to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. […]

Damage Done by Wealth-Based Driver’s License Suspensions

Learning to drive is often considered a sacred rite of passage for the average American. Driving is a privilege and not a right. We rely on our driving privileges to get to school, work, the grocery store and many other necessary destinations. In fact, roughly 83% of Americans report they drive a car multiple times […]

How Long Do Points Stay On Your License in Maryland?

If you paid a ticket without going to court, or were found guilty after you appeared in court, you probably received points on your driving record. These points can make everyday activities, such as getting to school or work, difficult or even impossible. In this article, we will explain the rationale behind the point system, […]

Getting A Letter From The Maryland MVA

Have you received a revocation, suspension, or warning letter from the Motor Vehicle Administration? Getting an official letter from the Maryland MVA is often alarming, since they mention periods of suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. The letter will be very specific about your situation, so you should read the letter carefully, take it […]